CAS # 68-35-9

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight250.2770
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Sulfadiazine; Sulfanilamide, N1-2-pyrimidinyl-; A-306; Adiazin; Adiazine; Coco-Diazine; Cremodiazine; Debenal; Deltazina; Di-Azo-Mul; Diazin; Diazolone; Diazyl; Eskadiazine; Honey diazine; Lipo-Diazine; Lipo-Levazine; Liquadiazine; Microsulfon; N(Sup1)-2-Pyrimidylsulfanilamide; Neazine; Piridisir; Pirimal; Pyrimal; RP 2616; S. N. 112; Sanodiazine; Spofadrizine; Sterazine; Sulfadiazin; Sulfapirimidin; Sulfapyrimidine; Sulfazin; Sulfazine; Sulphadiazine; SDA; Theradiazine; 2-Sulfanilylaminopyrimidine; Codiazine; Cremotres; Metha-Meridiazine; Neotrizine; Palatrize; Pecta-diazine, suspension; Pyrimidine, 2-sulfanilamido-; Quadetts; Quadramoid; Sulfadiazene; Sulfanilamidopyrimidine; Sulfapyrimidin

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