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CAS # 72-44-6

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight250.2952
Melting Point113
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Methaqualone; Cateudyl; Dormigoa; Dormigoa-schlafmittel; Dormutil; Dorsedin; Fadormir; Holodorm; Hyminal; Hypocol; Hyptor; Hyptor base; Ipnofil; Melsed; Melsedin base; Melsomin; Metakvalon; Metaqualon; Methaqualon; Methaqualoneinone; Metolquizolone; Mollinox; Motolon; Mozambin; Maoa; Mtq; Nobedorm; Noctilene; Normi-nox; Omnyl; Optinoxan; Orthonal; Ortonal; Parminal; Quaalude; Qz 2; Revonal; Rorer 148; Rorer 714; Roulone; Rouqualone; Ric 272; Sindesvel; Somberol; Somnomed; Sonal; Sopor; Soverin; Torinal; Tuazole

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