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CAS # 81-81-2

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight308.3279
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider

GC Mass Spectrum

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Warfarin; Athrombine-K; Brumolin; Compound 42; Coumadin; Coumafen; Coumefene; Dethmor; Frass-Ratron; Kumader; Kumadu; Maag Rattentod Cum; Ratron; Ratten-Koederrohr (German); Rattentraenke (German); Rodafarin; Temus W; Vampirinip II; W.A.R.F. 42; WARF Cmpd. 42; Zoocoumarin; Warfarine; Arab rat deth; Coumafene; D-Con; Dethnel; Eastern states duocide; Fasco fascrat powder; Kypfarin; Mar-Frin; Martin's mar-frin; Maveran; Panwarfin; Prothromadin; Rat & mice bait; Rat-a-way; Rat-o-cide No. 2; Rat-B-gon; Rat-Gard; Rat-Kill; Rat-Mix; Rat-Ola; Rat-Trol; Ratorex; Rats-no-more; Ratten-Koederrohr; Rattenstreupulver Neu Schacht; Rattentraenke; Rattunal; Ro-Deth

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