CAS # 101-21-3

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight213.6608
Melting Point41-42 °C
Density1.18 g/cm3
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Chlorpropham; Chloro-IFK; Chloro-IPC; Chloropropham; ChlorIPC; CI-IPC; CIPC; Elbanil; Furloe 3 EC; Isopropyl m-chlorocarbanilate; Isopropyl 3-chlorocarbanilate; Liro CIPC; Metoxon; Nexoval; Prevenol; Prevenol 56; Preventol; Preventol 56; Triherbicide CIPC; Y 3; Chlorprophame; ENT 18,060; fasco wy-hoe; Furloe; Jack Wilson chloro 51(oil); Preweed; Sprout Nip; Spud-Nic; Spud-Nie; Stopgerme-S; Taterpex; Chlor IFC; Cl-IFK; Gro Stop; Bygran; Mirvale; Carbamate pesticide CIPC; atlas cipc 40; Beet-Kleen; Chlorpropam; Croptex Chrome; IPC, CIPC; Isopropyl chlorocarbanilate; MSS CIPC; Residuren; Warefog; Carbamic acid, (3-chlorophenyl)-, 1-methylethyl ester; Carbanilic acid, m-chloro-, isopropyl ester; m-Chlorocarbanilic acid isopropyl ester; Isopropyl N-(m-chlorophenyl)carbamate

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