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Bis(chloroethyl) ether

CAS # 111-44-4

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight143.0117
Boiling Point °C, 273 °K, 58 °F
Solubility in WaterNegligible
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GC Mass Spectrum

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s-Dichloroethyl ether; Ethane, 1,1'-oxybis[2-chloro-; Ether, bis(2-chloroethyl); β,β'-Dichlorodiethyl ether; β,β'-Dichloroethyl ether; Bis(β-chloroethyl) ether; Bis(chloro-2-ethyl) oxide; Chlorex; Di(β-chloroethyl) ether; DCEE; Khloreks; 2-Chloroethyl ether; 2,2'-Dichlorethyl ether; 2,2'-Dichlorodiethyl ether; 2,2'-Dichloroethyl ether; 2,2'-Dichlorodiethyl oxide; sym-Dichloroethyl ether; Bis(chloroethyl) ether; Chloroethyl ether; Clorex; Di(2-chloroethyl) ether; Dichlorodiethyl ether; Dichloroether; Dichloroethyl ether; Dichloroethyl oxide; Dwuchlorodwuetylowy eter; Ether dichlore; ENT 4,504; Oxyde de chlorethyle; 1,1'-Oxybis(2-chloroethane); 1,5-Dichloro-3-oxapentane; 2,2'-Dichloorethylether; 2,2'-Dichlor-diaethylaether; 2,2'-Dicloroetiletere; Rcra waste number U025; Diethylene glycol dichloride; Ether, bis(chloroethyl); Beta,beta'-dichloroethyl ether; 1-Chloro-2-(β-Chloroethoxy)ethane; 1-Chloro-2-(2-chloroethoxy)ethane; bis-(2-chloroethyl)ether; BCEE; NSC 406647; Bis(2-chloroethyl) ether; UN 1916

Application Chromatograms

Semivolatiles SVOC MegaMix 100 Kit on Rxi-SVOCms
Semivolatiles SVOC MegaMix 150 Kit on Rxi-SVOCms
Semivolatiles on Rxi-SVOCms
Semivolatiles Analysis on Rxi-SVOCms
Semivolatiles on Rxi-5Sil MS by U.S. EPA Method 8270 Using the GC Accelerator Kit and Split Injection with a 208 V GC Oven
Semivolatiles on Rxi-5Sil MS by U.S. EPA Method 8270 Using the GC Accelerator Kit and Split Injection with a 120 V GC Oven
Semivolatiles on Rxi-5ms (Split Injection)
Semivolatiles on Rtx-5 with 5 m Integra-Guard by EPA Method 8270
9-Minute Semivolatiles Analysis with Appendix IX on Rxi-5ms by U.S. EPA Method 8270D
Semivolatiles With Appendix IX on Rxi-5ms by 8270D