CAS # 56-75-7

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight323.1294
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Chloramphenicol; Alficetyn; Amphenicol; Amphicol; Amseclor; Austracol; Catilan; Chemicetin; Chemicetina; Chlomycol; Chloramex; Chloramsaar; Chlorocaps; Chlorocid; Chlorocide; Chlorocidin C; Chlorocidin C tetran; Chloromycetin; Chloronitrin; Cidocetine; Ciplamycetin; Cloramficin; Cloramicol; Clorocyn; Cloromisan; Cylphenicol; CAF; CAM; CAP; Cph; D-(-)-threo-Chloramphenicol; D-(-)-Chloramphenicol; Detreomycin; Embacetin; Enicol; Enteromycetin; Farmicetina; Fenicol; Globenicol; I 337A; Intramycetin; Ismicetina; Juvamycetin; Kamaver; Kemicetine; Klorita; Klorocid S; Leukomyan; Leukomycin; Levomicetina

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