CAS # 81-07-2

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight183.1845
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Saccharin; o-Benzoic sulfimide; o-Benzosulfimide; o-Benzoyl sulfimide; o-Sulfobenzimide; o-Sulfobenzoic acid imide; Anhydro-o-sulfaminebenzoic acid; Benzoic sulfimide; Benzosulfimide; Garantose; Glucid; Gluside; Hermesetas; Saccharimide; Saccharin acid; Saccharin, insoluble; Saccharine; Saccharinol; Saccharinose; Saccharol; 550 Saccharine; o-Benzoic acid sulfimide; Benzoic sulphimide; o-Benzoic sulphimide; Benzosulphimide; o-Benzosulphimide; Benzo-2-sulphimide; Benzo-sulphinide; o-Benzoyl sulphimide; Insoluble saccharin; Kandiset; Natreen; Rcra waste number U202; Sacarina; Saccharina; Sacharin; Saxin; Sucre edulcor; Sucrette; 2-Sulphobenzoic imide; Sykose; Syncal; Zaharina; Sweeta; Benzosulfinide; Stilalgin; 2-Sulfobenzoic acid imide; 2-Sulfobenzoicimide; Benzo-2-sulfiide; Glycophenol

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